Your VM study buddy (veronicafan) wrote in girlshavefun,
Your VM study buddy

New episodes of Veronica Mars start April 11th at 9PM on UPN (after Gilmore Girls).

Many critics and fans are hoping that Gilmore Girls will be Veronica Mars' lead-in on the CW next season. In a recent interview, Amy Sherman-Palladino said she thinks pairing the shows is "a great idea," and added, "in six years, [this] is the first pairing that literally makes any sense." So, we thought some of you might be interested to see what the show Veronica Mars is all about. If you are, here is some information to help you guys catch up.

While Veronica Mars is a show about an 18-year-old private investigator, the show is like Gilmore Girls in that the writers consistently deliver fast paced snark-filled banter, well developed characters and compelling story arcs. If Lorelai and Rory have the best mother/daughter relationship on TV, Keith and Veronica are definitely the best father/daughter team.

Want a little background info before you jump in? Read the cheat sheet for episode 2x17 and watch the rerun this weekend on UPN: city by city listings.
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